General trading conditions

Conditions: 01. April 2004

All supplies and achievements of flateric.de (flateric.de c/o Bernd Biermann, Klostergarten 7, D-25813 Husum) due to of on-line orders over the InterNet, by telephone or via fax, these trading conditions are the basis. Deviating one and/or supplementing agreements require the express written agreement of flateric.de.

§1: Terms of payment and supply
Their order can be worked on only to our AGB, which accepts you with the mailing of the form.

After receipt of your order the order is worked on immediately, at the latest however on the next working day. About the current conditions of the treatment of your order you can inform at any time after a Login in our Onlineshop. The distribution of your order takes place in principle as package to the client (ship-to-address).

At present we accept vorkasse excluding payment means (by credit card or bank credit transfer). Please you transfer us the indicated purchase order value to inclusive postage & packing to the account mentioned. Please you note that your Bankinstitut raises fees with international credit transfers. We can work on your order only if the total amount on our account, proven on the purchase order form, were credited.

The supply takes place after credit note on our account. An article is no more available reserves themselves we the right to cancellation of the order.

§2: Prices
The indicated prices are in euro and zzgl. forwarding expenses proven in the purchase order form. Price adjustment and mistake reserve.

§3: Dispatch insurance / adhesion
If you selected the supply as "package" or "package covered by insurance", the commodity up to a total value of up to 500,00 euro is insured. If you selected however the mode of shipment "package" or "package N.O.T. covered by insurance", then the commodity is not insured, you carry the risk.

§4: Guarantee
The guarantee period for new commodity amounts to 2 years. It begins with the day of the receipt of the supply (if no foreign interferences or other damage resulted from inappropriate use occurred). With determined warranty claim you give us please via email (puppe@flateric.de) answer. We communicate then a responsible service address to you.

Send please no unfree transmissions at us. These are without exception not accepted.

§5: Resignation, return right
They can return 14 days after receipt of the commodity this without indication of reasons at us. Mailen you (puppe@flateric.de) asks simply your address, invoice number as well as your account number. The commodity must be carefully packed. On the package the label must have clear to be recognized revocation, since it can come otherwise to problems with the acceptance.

Please you note that with articles those are subject to the constant price purge the max. current market price be refunded can. That/those should be articles in a not saleable condition (i.e. or got packing dirty, wear, contamination or damage of the article damaged, etc..) we must likewise adapt the amount which can be refunded. Commercial customers are excluded from this regulation!

Send please no unfree transmissions at us. These are without exception not accepted. Note! Special productions, residual items, rabattierte products or imported goods are excluded from the conversion!

§6: Retention of title
We reserve ourselves the property at the supplied commodity up to the complete payment.

§7: Order procedure
Order completely simply over our Onlineshop (http://www.flateric.de).

§8: Data security
Their data are stored by us only for the purpose of the customer service as well as rendering of invoice. Storage takes place only internally for the rendering of invoice as well as customer service. The data are not passed on to an external non--partner enterprise.

§9: Salvatori clause
The inefficacy of individual points of these general trading conditions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining regulations. To the place a new regulation, which comes in its economic effect of the ineffective regulation if possible close, steps the ineffective regulation. Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction for contracts, which were closed under inclusion of these general trading conditions, are Husum. It applies the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Husum, den 11.04.2005